Mesej Je : Tools for WhatsApp

Main features.

• Click to chat without saving phone number to contact

• Automatic reply chat

• Add multiple temporary numbers without saving to contact

• Build in WaWeb (use another personal number inside the same phone)

• Click to send an image or file without saving the number to contact

• And many more!

1. Mesej Je

Provides a feature to direct chat without save to contact. Start a chat conversation without hassle.

1.1 Enter Wa number and text message (optional) and click the send icon

1.2 You will be directly chatting the number without save to contact

2. Multiple numbers

Temporarily save multiple numbers as "Temporary" in contact. The temporary number will be deleted upon exiting this app.

2.1 Add multiple WA numbers and click the green icon to open the official app

2.2 On the official app, search "Temporary" to find all of the numbers entered

2.3 You can add those numbers to a group, or broadcast a list

2.4 The temporary numbers will be deleted when exiting Mesej Je. If error, click the refresh button on the Multiple Numbers menu to automatically delete the temp numbers

*Note that for the broadcast list the phone numbers need to save your number to be able to receive your broadcast.

3. Mesej Media

Send media (image/video) without save to contact.

3.1 Choose media

3.2 Enter the number and message (optional)

3.3 Click to send

4. Mesej File

Direct message and send a file (support any format like pdf, zip, etc.) to any phone numbers that are not in your contact.

4.1 Choose a file

4.2 Enter the number and message (optional)

4.3 Click to send

5. Mesej Me

Provides a click-to-chat URL for other people to direct chat your own number. 

5.1 Enter your phone number

5.2 Click 'Generate URL'  and 'Çopy URL' after the URL is generated

6. WaWeb

Is an emulation of the web version of the official app that allows the user to use another number within the Mesej Je app. 

6.1 Scan Wa Web to use your other number inside Mesej Je

6.2 Click send icon on the toolbar to direct message

7. Auto Reply: Automatic responder bot with a custom message

*Additional features*

1. Check the server status in your local area. Server disruption may cause an error while using this app.

2. History 

3. Notes


*We only provide tools to for the official app users and do not associate with any private entities.

*We relied on the official app to verify a phone number, depending on your internet connection and refresh list you might experience an error "number not register" once in a while. 


We do not condone any act of Spamming or Privacy abuse to other users. All users are advised to use this app with dignity and respect toward others.

GDPR Consent

We relied on Ads for making this app free. We use services from Ad Mob and Firebase for advertisement and crash reporting. We do not collect any personal data from the users.

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