Privacy Policy: Mesej Je, Mesej Je Lite and Mesej Pro

This is a privacy policy applicable for all Mesej Je for WhatsApp (Mesej Je) variants including Mesej Je Lite and Mesej Je Pro

About Developer

I'm Muhammad Ku Sukry bin Muhammad Mustafa (Private Entrepreneur: 002566109-T), located in Malaysia. 

Respecting my users' privacy is something I find serious. Since I started making Mesej Je for WhatsApp, I've aspired to build the application with a set of strong privacy principles in mind.

Mesej Je provides users the possibility to WhatsApp messages without having the problem to save the phone number in their contact or broadcasting/inviting someone to a group without saving the contact numbers. Suitable for the user who does not have the necessity to save a contact number (for WhatsApp). 


Mesej Je did not collect any private information from the users. The services are done locally from the user's mobile phone. No data will be forwarded to third parties except for users who join the proxy network program (see details below)   (Update: 12/12/2022) User data will be shared in accordance with Data Safety (see below).


Mesej Je required READ CONTACT permissions from the User. This is due to the main functionality of Mesej Je which temporarily saves the phone number and automatically deletes those phone number (s) as the user exits the app.

Update 29 December 2020:

Additional permissions (CAMERA and RECORD_AUDIO) are added to support the functionality of WA Web that allows the user to take a picture and send a voice message within the app.

Data Safety (Update: 12/12/2022)

Complying with Google Play's Data Safety (July and October 2021), developers are required to disclose their app's privacy and security practices to help Google Play users understand the app collects and shares user data before downloading.

Data sharing:

'Sharing' refers to transferring user data collected from the Mesej Je app to a third party. Thiincludes user data transferred:

1. On-device transfer to another app. Transferring user data from your app to another app directly on the device. In this case, you must disclose data sharing in your Data safety section declarations even if your app does not transmit the data off the user’s device. 

Mesej Je only shares user data by sharing it with the official WhatsApp app. All functionality such as click-to-chat, sending image/video without saving the number, sending a file/doc without saving the number, and multiple numbers to add bulk WhatsApp numbers by mean only on-device transfer from Mesej Je app to the official WhatsApp app for the app functionality.

2. From WebView which has been opened through your app. Transferring user data to a third party via a WebView which has been opened from your app, if your app is in control of code/behavior delivered through that WebView. 

Mesej Je uses webView to emulate WhatsApp web inside the Mesej Je app. The data such as the user's phone number (scan via QR Code) to log in to WhatsApp web, send the audio recording to chat, and send an image/ video is considered 'data sharing' in order for the app to function as expected.

3. From your app libraries and SDKs. Transferring data collected from your app off a user’s device directly to a third party via libraries and/or SDKs included in your app.

Mesej Je uses third-party SDKs which are Google Play Services, Google AdMob, AdMob Mediation, and Firebase Crashlytics for advertisement, analytics, and in-app purchase purposes. 

Mesej Je provides tools for WhatsApp users. The types of user data that are being shared to the official WhatsApp app as the app (Mesej Je) functionality are as below list. 

1. Phone number 
2. File and doc
3. Image and video
4. Audio recording

SOAX Proxy network program

In return for some of the premium features and to make the maintenance of Mesej Je while providing long-term support to the users of the Mesej Je possible, users may choose to be a peer on the SOAX Network in exchange for safely using some of your device's resources (WiFi and very limited cellular data). By doing so you agree to have read and accepted the Terms of Service of the SOAX SDK: SOAX Legal. Users may opt out of the network from the settings menu inside the application.

Update 21/5/2022

SOAX Proxy network program is no longer supported and removed from Mesej Je.

Update 4/11/2022

SOAX Proxy network program resume on other app markets except for Google Play Store.

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