Mesej Je API: Send and Delete

This is the documentation of Mesej Je for Whatsapp API. New API will be updated from time to time.

Using Send and Delete

Send and Delete api offers a feature to send Image and Text via Mesej Je to WhatsApp application. This feature will redirect Image and text to Whatsapp by using Mesej Je's Temporary Number service, the registered whatsapp phone number entered will be deleted upon existing Mesej Je. The phone number is temporary saved with keyword: App Mesej Je. Developer might want to notice user to search for keyword: App Mesej Je before being able to send the Image and Text from your app.

Suitable for Photo Sharing App.

Android Code:

1. RegisteredWhatsappPhoneNumber takes a STRING value of registered whatsapp phone number.
2. Developer can parse message, hashtag or text at yourMessageHere. E.g use this as your app advertisement or promotion message.
3. Make sure to include ":" in between RegisteredWhatsappPhoneNumber and yourMessageHere.

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